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Wines on Film

From the moment Lucille Ball went toe-to-toe with a wine stomper in Season 5 of I Love Lucy, wines and winemaking have played compelling characters in a number of films.  Here a taste from the cinema variety:



This 2004 documentary explores the globalization of the world’s wine regions, driven by the standardization of flavors to satisfy the American palate for consistently sweet and fruity wines to the detriment of terroir.



A fresh take on the buddy-road trip film, this 2004 feature stars Paul Giamatti as a divorced, frustrated author and wine snob who takes his best friend Jack, a washed-up actor played by Thomas Haden Church, on a tour of the California wine country just before Jack walks down the aisle.


A Good Year

This 2006 movie is a vehicle to showcase Russell Crowe’s softer side. Based upon Peter Mahle’s novel of the same name, Crowe portrays a take-no-prisoners financier who inherits his uncle’s vineyard and chateau in Provence.  Intent on selling the tranquil property for the highest price possible, his real return is a life lesson in what really constitutes the good life.


Bottle Shock

This 2008 independent film—produced by the same team behind the recent CBGB movie shot in Savannah—recounts the infamous 1976 “Judgment in Paris” when a small Napa Valley winemaker bests the dominant French vineyards in a blind tasting for the first time.  Stars Alan Rickman, Bill Pullman and Chris Pine.

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